About Me

Welcome to The Delk Project, our little corner of the internet, where I tell stories about the things that matter most to us, and come back to read them over and over, and feel as though I relive them time and time again. The-delk-project-brandon-bethany

I’m Bethany, and you’re most likely to read about the things that I like and that are important to me, like my relationship with Christ and my family, running and working out, my hubby’s Crohn’s diagnosis, essential oils and other natural remedies I use, DIY projects and other crafts, frugal living tips, and food… really yummy food.

I’m blessed to be wife to a pretty great and handsome guy, and mom to the most precious boys in the whole world, ages 5 and 2 years old. I’m a daughter of the King, and when my husband and I were half-way through our whirlwind dating and engagement period, we committed to move one state away to help plant a church. We poured most of our energy for the better part of 7 years into that church, nourishing it, and adoring the people we were blessed to do life with.

In 2014 God made it clear that we were to part ways, and between 2014 and 2015, I can’t decide which year wins for Wildest Ride. In a mere 2 years, we’ve experienced finding out we were pregnant with our second baby, putting our home on the market and selling it within 9 days, moving in with the in-laws, building a house, giving birth to baby #2, totaling a vehicle, moving in to said house, buying another vehicle, both of us losing our jobs, hubby being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, finding a new church, finding new jobs, hubby having major abdominal surgery, and hubby being hospitalized 4 times.

We look back at the last 2 years of our lives and see that we’re closer as a couple than ever before, and stronger and more loved as a family than I thought possible. While we’re looking forward to things slowing down in the future, we wouldn’t change the way the Lord has shaped us and grown us through the uncertainty and the peace He’s given us.

I’m thrilled you’ve joined us for a glimpse into the project that is our lives, and hope you’ll keep in mind that we’re a work in progress, and He’s not quite finished with us yet. Read more about us here, and settle in, because when Mama’s emotional – which is often – Mama can be longwinded. 😉 Enjoy, and welcome to The Delk Project.