38 weeks… and still pregnant!

IMG_9566Well, I honestly didn’t think I would be pregnant this long this time… I really, really thought I would go into labor around 37 weeks. Ha. Guess not, because here we are at almost 39 weeks and STILL pregnant.

This last week has been one of the most frustrating I can remember in a long time. It’s like Christmas Eve, except that Christmas Day is a moving target and you fall asleep every night feeling like the next day is definitely going to be Christmas, and then its not. Yeah, disappointment city.

BUT, in spite of the fact that I am disappointed that I haven’t had this baby yet, let’s talk about everything I’ve done to try and encourage labor to begin. :) Yall, this is our third and final baby (and thus pregnancy) so I’m making the most of the experience. I know lots of these things aren’t scientifically proven, and there might be some not so nice comments about it all, and trust me, I know baby will come when baby is ready, but let’s just have some fun OK?

So far I’ve eaten dates and pineapple (including the core! Yep, that’s right, I cut that bad boy out and put it in the food processor and blended it up in a smoothie! haha!) and Mexican. I’ve had raspberry leaf tea and done some crazy yoga moves (that my husband likens to the elephant from Zootopia hahahhaha) annnnnd I’ve walked approximately 15 miles in less than a week. Oh and Brandon has done his part to help… wink.


How far along: 38 weeks 5days

Baby’s size: Baby is approximately 20 inches long already and about 7lbs. If I had to guess though, I’d say she’s more like almost 8lbs at this point.

Total weight gain / loss: +36lbs I think I’ve hit a plateau… which they say some women do in the latter weeks of pregnancy. I’ve never done this before but hey, I’ll take it!! Less weight to lose afterwards right?!

IMG_9550Maternity clothes: About that… I’m starting to grow out of them… 😝 See exhibit A above 😜

Stretch marks: Little lady is straight tearing me up. It ain’t pretty, but it’ll be worth it.

Sleep: Not much at all these days. Between having to go to the bathroom, having contractions, and the hip/pelvic pain, I don’t get a lot of shut eye. I’m actually looking forward to the middle of the night feedings over this.

Loving: Trying every method and old wives tale to try and get baby to come. Its kind of become like a game now. Oh and washing and putting away baby clothes and going into the nursery (which is 90% decorated now!!) to just sit and think about holding that sweet baby girl in my arms. Ahhhh….. Also loving spending a little more time with my boys before baby comes ❤️


Loathing: The prodromal labor. Can I get an amen from those mama’s who’ve experienced it?! Oh my goodness. I’ve had contractions start, get more intense and closer together and then just STOP. It is the worst! You feel as though you’ve done all that work (laboring through contractions) for nothing. AND, its such a let down! Like biggest disappointment ever.

Missing: Being in shape and being comfortable. I could cry sometimes because I’m so uncomfortable and nothing helps. I can’t wait to feel good in my own body again.

Movement: Slowing down a bit, probably because she’s running out of room!

Cravings: Slightly sour and fruity candy like nerd ropes, sweet tart ropes, Swedish fish, sour patch kids, etc. And Chick fil A Ice Dream ice cream or Mickey D’s ice cream cone.

Aversions: COFFEE still.

Labor signs: Contractions. Lots of contractions. And I’m dilated some already, whoop whoop!

Symptoms: Crazy hip pain and pelvic pain. And a big ole belly.

Exercise: Well I’ve been walking a lot lately in hopes of convincing her to come out 😬

Belly button: Same answer as before: Already popped out, but that wasn’t a big deal since my boys already gave me a belly button adjustment 😉

Wedding rings: Not anymore… fingers are too swollen so I’m rockin the fakey 😉

Mood: Pretty good, but super whiny. I’m ready to have this baby.

Husband: He actually was in the hospital twice within 2 weeks, but is now feeling a little better because of a new medicine they put him on so we are thrilled!!! He is also super excited about his daughter and has gone into baby gear connoisseur mode which is so helpful. I’m preoccupied with thinking about laboring and delivering this baby so I don’t have the band width to research 400 baby swings to see which one wins and why. He also has been having what we think are sympathy pregnancy symptoms! Actually really funny!!! Like a sweets aversion, or craving Subway, or being nauseas… yeah we’ve shared a few giggles about all that!

Can’t wait for: MEETING THIS BABY!!!