28 Weeks Pregnant

img_7679So basically I’ve been the worst at blogging during this pregnancy. Ugh. I totally blame working too much and feeling so bad… aaaand lack of motivation. I have been so tired this pregnancy, and when I told my mama that she gently reminded me that I AM older this time around. Totally makes sense. I’m 7 years older than the first time I was pregnant! Wow!

I’ve also been bad about taking bump pics too (which I hate because I love being able to look back on those!) and honestly, my face is so fat now I’m dreading taking any pictures of myself. This pregnancy has been totally different than I originally thought it would be, and definitely different from my pregnancy with Maverick. When I was pregnant last time, I was able to work out multiple times a week and this time I’ve been working so much (my full time job and doing LuLaRoe) that I’ve had to prioritize sleep over working out and I am feeling it. I feel sluggish a lot of the time, and so weak. And I’m to the point now that I have so many aches and pains and my belly is so big, I can’t really pull off a vigorous workout. Soooo, I’ve been walking some, not even every day. I feel like a fat whale. Or a cow. I pretty much “moo” every night when I get in the bed… you can ask Brandon. I just feel so big! I have NO IDEA how I’m going to make it a whole trimester more. Seriously.

And speaking of, I’m pretty tired of telling people how far along I am when they ask and getting this look like “wow! I thought you were going to say any day now” and some people actually saying it. Yes, I know my belly is huge. I don’t know how to make it not be huge and if I did, I would sure make it happen. I’ve love it if my due date was sooner than it is, but its not, and I’m not looking forward to a whole trimester of those comments. UGH. Sorry for the rant…

Anyway, here’s the latest survey:

How far along: 27 weeks 5 days

Baby’s size: Baby is 14.8 inches long already and approximately 2.25lbs, say whaaaaaat?! That’s crazy!

Total weight gain / loss: +21lbs (YIKES!)

Maternity clothes: Yep. I finally succumbed. I managed to not wear any maternity clothes until I was 26 weeks pregnant. I’m already struggling with what to wear because I pretty much just wear leggings all the time. Annnnd, I’m only going to get bigger. Speaking of.., anyone have some winter maternity clothes I could borrow for say… 2 months?! 😬😬😬

Stretch marks: In full force. My stomach is officially destroyed (sorry babe!) but I’m not even trying to prevent more damage because its inevitable at this point. Its not gonna be cute either way, so eh, here’s to road map belly!

Sleep: Mostly good…I can still occasionally make it through the night without even having to get up to go to the bathroom. Other nights I wake up randomly for no reason (which is weird, I don’t remember that in my first 2 pregnancies) in the middle of the night and just lay there. And for the last week and a half I’ve woken up every day with a headache right in the middle of my forehead… not sure if this is pregnancy or weather related.

Loving: Having the boys be able to feel their sister kick. I tell them that she loves them so much and each kick is because she is saying hi and I love you. They are loving it and I love their reactions! Precious!!

Loathing: Morning sickness that’s returned after my brief reprieve. And feeling so fat and huge. And my hips hurting. And the recent 3 hour glucose test I had to do (which was NEGATIVE for gestational diabetes by the way, Whoop Whoop!). And HEARTBURN. Ew.

Missing: Being in shape. I am so out of shape it’s not even funny. I just want to be able to get to the gym every day and have energy. And I also miss being comfortable. I am not comfortable at all any more. Ever. Not sitting, standing, walking, or laying down.

Movement: This little girl is SUPER active! Both my doctor and the sonographer have commented on how active she is. We had to do her anatomy scan in 2 different sessions because she literally wouldn’t stop flipping around and be still!

Cravings: Anything that won’t give me heartburn. Which is basically anything with flavor sooooo, I’ve been eating lots of chicken. And boring foods.

Aversions: COFFEE. The sweets aversion seems to be waning a little but I still don’t crave anything sweet. I want to eat sweets but I’m not craving them and when I eat them I still feel kind of sick and unsatisfied. Honestly, I’d rather eat a meal than dessert. I guess that’s a good thing.

Labor signs: None

Symptoms: Morning sickness again and oh the hip pain. I wake up and my hips feel like they’ve been drilled into. But bring it on. Spread hips, spread. We gotta get yall ready to birth this baby!!

Exercise: I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes the other day… And did some pushups. But basically this has been a huge fail for me. I don’t even get 10k steps a day anymore. UGH. Just call me fatty…

Belly button: Already popped out, but that wasn’t a big deal since my boys already gave me a belly button adjustment 😉

Wedding rings: Still rockin’ em! :)

Mood: Pretty good this week although I get irritable easily. Feeling bad just lends itself to being in a bad mood.

Husband: Brandon has been really understanding this pregnancy and helped me so much. We’re a pretty good team and he’s been really protective of me. He has done so much to help with the boys when I’ve felt bad and I feel awful that he’s had to do so much, especially since I know there are times when he doesn’t feel good either.

Can’t wait for: Christmas!

Also, we need to do maternity pictures and I need some inspiration. I feel like I’m fresh out of cool ideas/locations/outfits. Help a tired mama out 😉

For a good laugh, here’s my 28 week comparison with all 3 babies:



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