16 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Delk #3


I’ve been terrible about blogging lately. I think about it often, but I’ve been so busy (and tired and not feeling like blogging because it kind of makes me nauseated to type/read a lot on the computer) and it just sort of falls by the wayside. The blogger in me is mad at myself because there are lots of memories not captured. ugh… BUT, here we are, at 16 weeks pregnant, and I want to remember some of this pregnancy so here we go!

The last few weeks have been super busy. Most of you know that I recently took the leap and became a LuLaRoe fashion consultant. What started as a simple curiosity about some “buttery soft” leggings, has grown into a full fledged thriving business opportunity for our family. I innocently had a pop-up boutique back in March to see what the fuss was all about – after all I wasn’t going to be suckered into buying something that wasn’t what it was cracked up to be, until I had tried them on myself. Insert laugh at the irony! After praying about it for a few weeks, we decided to join forces with my friend and start a business. Why? The reason is simple. We have enormous amounts of medical (and student loan) debt and we are determined to pay it all off, so that we can provide the life we want for our children. Financial debt is stressful (can I get an Amen!?) and stress aggravates Crohn’s Disease and aggravated Crohn’s Disease lands my husband in the hospital – twice now under the knife of a GI surgeon – and there’s only so much small intestine in there.

To those of you who have supported our small business, thank you! Every bit of our share of the profits will go towards paying off medical bills and we are already anticipating the end of this burden! The Lord has blessed this endeavor thus far and we are so grateful for His favor. We have put in long hours and lots of hard work and quite frankly, I’ve been exhausted. There have been many a late night spent pouring over inventory, sending or reviewing invoices, and planning all while being so nauseous and exhausted but I feel certain that the Lord has us right here for a reason. We have already seen the fruits of our labor and we are beyond thrilled that this venture has been so successful already.

Along with putting in lots of hard work, being a LuLaRoe consultant is also a ton of fun! It’s like Christmas every time we get a shipment in, and we get to play dress up with women and help them feel beautiful! Plus we’ve already been able to bless so many people through this business. That’s the best part. Without LuLaRoe, we would not be able to bless people as generously as we have been able to.

And a bonus, LuLaRoe makes for really cute maternity clothes!!! Which leads me to my survey…


How far along: 16 weeks

Baby’s size: Baby is 4-5 inches long already – wow!

Total weight gain / loss: +4lbs

Maternity clothes: Not yet! I’ve totally been protesting maternity clothes even though I’m much bigger at this stage than in my previous pregnancies!

Stretch marks: Already starting to stretch more! I’m trying to just embrace them. I’ll worry about swim suit season later 😉

Sleep: Mostly good…I’ve been so exhausted that I really haven’t even woken up to go to the bathroom!

Loving: Feeling the baby move <3

Loathing: Being nauseous. And my sweets aversion. And my coffee aversion. I miss milkshakes and ice cream. I’m pregnant and I deserve to be able to drink a milkshake, right?!

Missing: being in shape. I am so out of shape it’s not even funny. I just want to be able to get to the gym every day and have energy.

Movement: I started feeling tiny little baby kicks about a week and a half ago. Enter the swoon, heart eyed emoji. I wasn’t sure at first but then I distinctly felt soft little kicks.

Cravings: Salads with Italian or balsamic vinaigrette dressing and baked potatoes still. I’m starting to crave healthier foods again, which is great because during the first trimester I only wanted everything that I never eat: fast food, pasta, mac n cheese, fried chicken sandwiches… you get the picture.

Aversions: COFFEE. The sweets aversion seems to be waning a little but I still don’t crave anything sweet. Crazy!

Labor signs: None

Symptoms: Morning sickness some still.

Exercise: I worked out once last week. UGH. I have GOT to get back in shape. I feel gross.

Belly button: Already popped out, but that wasn’t a big deal since my boys already gave me a belly button adjustment 😉

Wedding rings: Still rockin’ em! :)

Mood: Pretty good this week although I was a little irritable a few days this week. I may or may not have snapped at Brandon this week in the stress of working a full time job, running a small business, and having family come in town for Maverick’s birthday party. Its ok 😉 we worked it out and he was a champ in helping me!

Husband: Again, been such a big help to me. He has really taken on the role of Dad and Mr. Mom while I’ve been pregnant and starting a business. Thank you babe. I love you more every day!

Can’t wait for: Our anatomy scan in a few weeks!

These are fun pictures.. enjoy! 😉 See if you can guess which pregnancy was first, middle and current! Hint hint, the ones where I’m huge already are the ones in which my abs were destroyed by the first 2 babies! :)

img_5201 img_5202


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