More on the Crazy Colon Story

21 days. I have been in this place for 21 days. Ew. Just ew.

Here’s where we are in the whole process…

Immediately after publishing my last blog post, I felt a little chilled so I decided to get in the bed and under the covers to warm up. I couldn’t get warm. I called for some warm blankets and was still shivering so hard the bed shook. Silly me, I didn’t think anything of it, just that my thermostat must have been cut down real low and that I had gotten cold wearing this fabulous, but thin, hospital gown. Brandon’s aunt and uncle came to visit me and I apologized for not getting out of bed but I told them that I really was just chilled to the bone. We had a great visit, I seemed to warm up a bit, and as soon as they left, I felt myself start to feel weak.

Suddenly it hit me and I called for the nursing assistant to come take my temperature.


Wowzers! I was really sick! And it had happened quick! I vaguely remember calling Brandon and my mom and then everything else is a blur. At one point I called to have some help getting out of the bed and to the bathroom because I felt so weak and so achey. I waited and no one came for about 15 minutes so I pulled myself out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom. As I was clinging onto my IV pole and the handicap railing on the wall, I heard my name called out and the bathroom door flung open. Brittney was magically there and helped me get back in the bed. Bless her. I honestly don’t remember much else about that night other than being so grateful that Brittney had ended up in my room. She took care of me for a few hours and she and Brandon and Joan helped facilitate me getting more than just 2 Tylenol for the fever.

Clearly something wasn’t right if I had spiked a high fever like that so they requested that my doctor be paged and antibiotics and fluids started right away. By morning, I felt much better.

I’m still on IV antibiotics and have had a few other scans done and have a repeat CT scan scheduled for tomorrow. Pray with me that the fluid will be even less in this scan than the last one, and that the inflammation in my colon will have decreased as well.

I had an ultrasound done on my leg at the puncture site where they went in for my angiogram because I’m still having serious pain in my leg. The ultrasound showed that I have a 5cm by 1cm hematoma – which is basically a collection of blood within the blood tissue, outside of the blood vessel – and that’s the cause of my pain. No wonder my leg hurts! I have a big ole bruise under the skin, in the muscle! Owie! If you see me limping around, it’s because I’ve got a boo-boo in my leg, not because my colon is weighing me down. Hahahah!


After many a day spent eating clear liquids (that sounds funny to say “eating clear liquids”. I feel like I should say “drinking” instead, but whatevs), I was finally progressed to a full liquid diet – soup, milkshakes, ice cream, yogurt – and after tolerating that well, they advanced my diet to soft foods, a low-residue diet. Basically a low-residue diet is a low fiber diet, sooooo, basically all the foods I never usually eat: pasta, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, white breads, and I’m to have no raw fruits and veggies, and broccoli, brussel sprouts, and salads are out. WAAAAHHH. Is this real life?! I love broccoli, see prior post for explanation, and brussel sprouts are a serious close second. (Please do me a favor and if you’ve never had roasted brussel sprouts, please toss them in olive oil and sea salt and roast them and enjoy them on my behalf over the next few months. You will love them. Seriously. Everyone I have ever made them for loves them.)

I have lost a lot of weight not being able to eat over the last 3 weeks and my doctor and some of my family are worried about it. But trust me, if all I’m allowed to eat are things like pasta and white breads, don’t worry, I’ll fatten back up eventually. When taking my lunch tray away the other day, my nursing assistant commented to another employee “She hasn’t eaten hardly anything. No wonder she’s lost weight. I mean she needs to eat!” Well, scuse me Miss-I-didn’t-ask-for-your-opinion-or-condemnation-but-you-gave-it-anyway, but I haven’t eaten for 3 weeks, my colon and pancreas are angry with me, I’m slightly afraid of making them mad all over again, AND my stomach has shrunk! I can’t eat but a few bites at a time! Sorry, a bit of “I’m tired of being in the hospital” escaped me just then…

The plan is for another doctor to come consult today to talk about the plan for my antibiotics. Do I need them still? Will I be discharged with them? Orally? Intravenously? I will have a ct scan done tomorrow or Thursday and then hopefully discharge will follow soon after.

By Sunday I was feelin’ a little frisky. I had been snowed in at the hospital with no visitors since Thursday, and I had a nurse who was a real rule follower that day and it was grating on my last nerve. Sunday afternoon Mom walked through my hospital room door and I could have kissed her! Ahh, people! My people! Here!! And not just through FaceTime! Woohoo!! She and Deryl had braved the icy roads and driven all the way to see me! I was thrilled. Mom and I had a bit of a slumber party that night. She brought me some games so of course we played them, she gave me a mini-manicure (my nails hadn’t seen any attention for 3 weeks – eek!), we watched the Panthers game (#keeppounding!) and then watched a movie until it was so late we couldn’t keep our eyes open. Thanks Mom and Deryl for being the sunshine in my snowstorm!! :)

Yesterday was a pretty good day… most of you probably saw my picture on Instagram or Facebook but if you didn’t, the nurses all pitched in to get me a gift and a card. It was so sweet! I cried!


Then, I got a shower. Wooohooooo! This is a big deal in the hospital because you have to have a doctor’s order – Yes, I’d like patient B.Delk to maintain personal hygiene and get the funk taken care of today – and you have to be unhooked from the IV, have the IV site waterproofed – usually done very professionally, like with a cut off latex glove or a sandwich baggie with the bottom cut off and the ends masking taped around my arm – and then of course have the strength to stand up and bathe for that long. After my shower, Brittney fixed my hair and I put on a little bit of makeup and Joey and Nicole came to visit and brought me a gift! A cute little outfit that I had to put on right away (I wish I had known before now that I could wear real clothes!!) and I seriously felt human again!


To top it all off, Joan brought me yummy potato soup!! So good! Thank you Joan! I’ve been dreaming about potato soup! :)


If you have called, texted, messaged, visited, sent a card, sent a gift, dropped off food, given gift cards or money, watched the boys, THANK YOU. I am trying to keep a running tally of everyone I need to write a thank you note to, and it is getting to be quite the serious list. Our family is so blessed! We are richly and abundantly blessed! And you have no idea how encouraging you’ve been. Thank you sweet friends, thank you. I could get all sappy right here, but I won’t because my lunch tray just got here and you know how exciting hospital food is right?!

If you want to join us in prayer, here are some specifics I’m praying for this week:

  • No more infection
  • That the fluid will have completely reabsorbed into my body and allow my belly to heal.
  • For reduced inflammation of my colon
  • For my pancreas to quit being so angry with me and simmer down
  • Reduced pain
  • For my digestive system to handle food well and not rebel against it
  • That my body would get enough vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy (with not eating for several weeks, there was talk of IV nutrition, but we opted to go ahead with advancing my diet and all of the supplement drinks they want me to try are making me gag or upsetting my stomach – Ensure, Carnation Instant Breakfast, etc)
  • That my leg would heal and I would have no lasting effects from the angiogram (because right now it seriously hurts to walk!)
  • That I would be able to go HOME this week (and stay home!!!)
  • For my sweet babies. This is rough on them and they don’t know how to react. Maverick woke up in the middle of the night the other night and demanded that Brandon take him to the hospital to see Mommy. Oy. My heart.
  • For my Brandon. He’s playing Dad and Mr. Mom so well right now, but its tough. And when I say tough, I mean, so-hard-to-juggle-work-laundry-meals-for-everyone-hospital-visits-childcare and on top of that the stress. Stress is a main trigger for a Crohn’s flare, and friends, please pray hard with me, because he hasn’t been feeling the greatest, and I am so worried. I hate I’ve put all of this stress on him and I want to fix it, but right now I’m attached to an IV pole, unable to do a darn thing. Please, please pray for this man. And if you’ve offered to help him, bless you. I want to repay you all for your kindnesses, and keep them coming, because the only help he’s getting right now is through you, and for that I am eternally grateful.
  • Travel safety for my mom and Deryl as they travel to and from NC to be with me, and for Joan as she comes almost every day to be with me and help Brandon.

If you’re new around here and want to catch up, feel free to read the rest of my Crazy Colon Story. 😉

5 thoughts on “More on the Crazy Colon Story

  1. Just want you to know that even though we haven’t been able to see you or be there with you we do still think of you and pray for you and the family.

  2. I think I saw a request to be praying for you shortly after you got sick posted by a doTERRA friend. Then I realized you are facebook friends with my niece, Cassidy Vestal. I have been praying, and will continue to pray. My husband (and I) spent 13 nights at ARMC last spring when he developed a perforated gastric ulcer… with surgery mid-way through his hospital stay. I hope your nurses have been as good to you as his were to him!

  3. Bethany,
    You don’t know me, but we have been attending Restoration since right around the time you got sick. You actually were one of the greeters a couple of times we were there, so I remembered you. Anyway, Joey has been mentioning and praying for your family every service, and somehow your page came across my page, and I started to read your story. Let me say that I am praying for you and your family daily. I also am amazed at your strength, your faith, and your honesty. I can not imagine going through what you have been through and are continuing to go through. We all can say how good God is and how blessed we are until things aren’t going so well, and then our perspective starts to change a little bit. You are not only talking the talk, but walking the walk, and you will probably never know just how many people you are helping. I know it is a cliche, but God does work in mysterious ways and uses so many different things. I know for one that you have inspired me in my daily walk with the Lord. But I also know that it is not a bed of roses, and that you have to be scared, disappointed, and even angry. Job experienced a wide range of emotions while on his journey. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you have inspired and encouraged me, and I will continue to lift up you and your family in prayers.

  4. Oh Bethany…how our hearts ache for you all right now!!! Just saw the news about B-man. Prayers are fervently going. Whatever we can do, outside of praying, please let me know. We love you all so VERY much!

  5. Bethany, my heart just hurts for you! I printed out your prayer requests and will pray for these things! Is there someone to let us know what your family needs (food, errands?). Just want you to get well and back to your family!

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