What is Ischemic Colitis?

Today is Day 9 in the hospital. I have been in the hospital for 9 days because I have Ischemic Colitis.

What is Ischemic Colitis anyway? According to Mayo Clinic the definition is:

Ischemic colitis occurs when blood flow to part of the large intestine (colon) is reduced, usually due to narrowed or blocked blood vessels (arteries).

Apparently when I was running, in the cold, last Monday morning, the blood flow to my colon was severely restricted and Ischemic Colitis occurred. If Brandon had not made me an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday, I would have likely gone into septic shock and would have needed to have all/part of my colon removed. This is a very scary thought.

I have good news though!! The biopsy from my colonoscopy came back and it was positive for Ischemic Colitis but NEGATIVE FOR CANCER and everything else!! Praise the Lord!!!

-insert very calm and slow happy dance so as not to jostle my already tender colon-

Yesterday the hematologist came by and said he was going to test for all sorts of blood clotting disorders and then I gave up approximately half my bodyweight in blood in order to get those tests done. No, but seriously. Look at how many vials of blood I had to give.


Tomorrow I will meet with a vascular physician to talk about testing and follow up after discharge because those tests can’t be done while I am still an inpatient.

My GI physician came by today and reiterated to me just how rare this is. He said that his usual ischemic colitis patients are 70-80 years old and the youngest patient he’s ever had with it was 64 years old so it is extremely rare to see someone my age with this. He also went over again what a long road of recovery I’m facing. Let me say again… This.Is.Crazy.

I feel (other than my “swollen colon”) perfectly healthy! But, because my colon is mad at me right now, I am looking at several weeks of recovery and am under doctor’s orders to not work out for 3 months and he said the most strenuous thing I’m allowed to do for the next couple of months is walk up and down the aisle at the grocery store. -insert shocked face emoji and sad face emoji-

I am hoping to be discharged later this week or this weekend… everybody altogether now: “Yaaaaaaay!!”

I miss my babies so, so, so much. Like, so much. I can’t even begin to tell you how my heart longs to be with my sweet boys. And with my Brandon. Oh, I can’t wait to snuggle on the couch with my Brandon! To be able to hold his hand and not have to worry about moving my IV line out of the way. To be able to get him something, rather than having to rely on him to help me to the bathroom, or unplug my IV pole and wheel it around, or unhook me from these fancy-schmancy-blood-clot-preventing-blow-up-sexy-velcro-leg-wearing-thing-a-ma-bobs that I have to wear. So not cute.

Thanks for praying for us you guys! Yall are seriously the best! I get approximately a bajillion texts/calls/messages a day from yall and it is so encouraging. THANK YOU.

If you want to keep praying for us, you know I like specifics, so here they are:

  • Pray for wisdom for the doctors because we really, really, really want to know what caused me to have ischemic colitis. If we know what caused it then hopefully we will be able to figure out how to prevent it from happening again, because yall, this was no walk in the park. It was a terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-day err, 9 days so far.
  • Pray for Brandon and the boys. This is hard on all of them. Pray for low stress levels for Brandon (because stress is a Crohn’s flare trigger!!!) and peace. Pray for smooth arrangements with the boys so Brandon doesn’t have to worry about where they’re going and when too much. Pray for my sweet babes, that they will have lots of fun and not worry about mommy. Pray for easy transitions and good behavior – craziness tends to provoke naughty behavior in my boys. Can’t say I blame them.
  • Pray for rest. Brandon and I are both so very tired.
  • Pray for my mother. She is so worried and even though she’s smiling, I can hear it in her voice over the phone and I can read it in her eyes when she’s here. There is not much worse in the world than seeing your baby in pain and she so badly wants to make it better.
  • Pray that I tolerate food well and can be discharged soon!
  • Pray that the dark spots in my colon (that you saw in the pictures in Brandon’s post) will begin to heal and have adequate blood flow.

Thank you all and we love you so much! Thanks for reading our crazy story!


One thought on “What is Ischemic Colitis?

  1. So glad you are going to go home where you will be with those you love the most.
    Thank God that He has brought through this and that you will be alright. We are going to help with finances and any other way we can. We love you 4 so much and want you to know you can count on us. I’m not getting out to much, but you are constantly on my mind–first thing in the morning,, last thing at night. We love you Bethany and Brandon, Pax and Mav. May God bless you 4.

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