Update After Remicade Infusion #1

Mini update after Remicade infusion numero uno:


Many of you have asked how Brandon’s first Remicade infusion went on Monday. I think it went about as well as it could go! Praise the Lord!

His appointment was in the afternoon (strategically scheduled during the latest appointment slot they offer so he could work most of the day and then be able to go home right after) and since I was in South Carolina for my uncle’s funeral, Brandon’s mom went with him. He was given an iv and the nurse programmed the iv to infuse the proper amounts at certain intervals, in the amount that was right for his body weight. The infusion took about 2 hours and then he was required to stay for another 30 minutes so that they could monitor him for signs of allergic or adverse reactions.

The nurses all recommended that he bring a laptop/ipad/book or something else to do while he’s there, since he isn’t able to do anything else but sit while he’s being infused. When the infusion was complete and he had waited the half hour, he was allowed to leave and we were told that most serious adverse reactions occur during infusions 2 or 3 in the onboarding process.

He has his second round of Remicade in 2 weeks, and then 4 weeks after that will be the third round and last in the onboarding process before he will begin his every-other-month treatments.

I know you’re probably wanting to know… does he feel any different/better?


Of course, I’ve been the annoying wife with my questions:

“How do you feel? Have you gone to the bathroom? Does your stomach hurt? Are you tired? Do you feel better? Do you feel different? Are you breathing OK? Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow?”

OK, OK, just kidding! I didn’t ask if his ears hang low but I should have! All the other questions I’ve asked though… approximately 35 times each day. Anyway, when I asked if he felt any better he said “I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I do.”

How awesome is that?!

I know what you’re thinking, because I was thinking it too… Is it all in his head? Is it more mental than anything else?

Maybe. But that’s OK. Because even if it is partially mental, that helps anyway with relieving some of the stress. Because this dude has been anxious. I hope he doesn’t mind me telling you (we’ve been pretty real with yall so far, so why stop now, huh?!) but he has been. He’s had pain and that has skyrocketed the anxiety. He’s been (over)analzying every little feeling, every little twinge, and when the pain started, he really (semi)freaked out. SO, I think that when he went for his Remicade infusion, just knowing that he was on medication was a HUGE relief to him. It was like he could finally let out that breath…

“I’m gonna be OK. The Remicade is going to control the Crohn’s.”

THANK YOU for praying for him (and me!) and for checking in with us over these last few days. So far so good and we’ll keep you posted on how he does with the next round!

Take THAT Crohn’s! #boom

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