Crohn’s Awareness

Someone shared a Crohn’s story with me today, that has gone viral over the last week. The story describes a young man who has Crohn’s disease and his insisting that Crohn’s needs more awareness.

I was moved by his story for several reasons. It resonates with me. With us. Outwardly, Brandon may look fine to you. But what you may not see is that we always sit near the back, him on the end, at church, sports events, concerts, and other crowded events. Why? Because Crohn’s is a cruel, unpredictable disease that rears its ugly head anywhere.

We choose to drive our own vehicle if we’re going somewhere with anyone. Why? So we can have control over pulling over if we need to take a bathroom break.

He makes food choices, good and bad, that he sometimes agonizes over. Until this past weekend, Brandon hadn’t had a salad for months. He loves salad, but sometimes salad doesn’t love him.

What you may not see, are all the clinic visits, and the routine labwork done. When you’re watching your favorite tv show at night, we’re talking about costly injections and infusions and lab results and googling support groups and poring over Crohn’s forums.

On the outside, you see a fun, loving, handsome, able-bodied Brandon. You might not see the anxiety, or the heart-wrenching confessions of his fears.

Another reason this moved me, is this is what we’re afraid of Brandon’s future looking like. Did you know there is such a thing as people surviving by nutrition via feeding tube and never.eating.again? In a society that is so centered around food, this seems to be one of the cruelest things that could happen. Maybe I’m being shallow, but I want my husband to live a vibrant, full life, complete with food.

Thanks to us, you probably now know about Crohn’s disease, if you didn’t before. We are proud to be part of the movement in Crohn’s awareness, but sad that we have no choice but to be along for the ride.

Read this man’s story and let me reiterate and emphasize, Crohn’s is a cruel and chronic condition, and whenever you see Brandon, even if he looks fine, please continue to pray for him, because the invisible illness is very real and very present.

You can read more about our Crohn’s journey here.

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