Good News! We’re Home!

home-from-the-hsopitalGood news yall! This afternoon, Brandon was discharged from the hospital! One bowel resection, and 5 days later we are home! We are thrilled to be home! It feels delicious to be with our boys, sitting on our furniture, at our home.

We are trying to manage Brandon’s pain and keeping our fingers crossed that we won’t have to make any return trips to the hospital. Our biggest challenge at this point is keeping the boys from wanting to wrestle daddy, or understanding that daddy can’t pick up Maverick.

The nursing staff was so wonderful to us, and if we’re being honest, we’re both a little nervous about being home, on our own. At this point last year, we were still in the hospital, under the care of medical staff that could help Brandon. Because we were discharged on a Sunday, Brandon’s follow up appointments could not be made for us, so we have to do that tomorrow. We will feel a lot better once we have his post-op visit and follow up clinic appointments scheduled. I’ll also feel better once his pain is lessened a little more.

Thank you all for praying for us over the last week. We have the best friends and family in the world, I’m convinced of it. I’m so grateful to each of you. The phrase “it takes a village” rings in my ears, because each day, I’ve been reminded how much I’m leaning on so many people. There are so many generous people in my life, I pray that I get the opportunity to repay each act of kindness.

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