How The Delk Project Came To Be…

…and the first official post on this .com!

The Delk Project was born out of my love of blogging, and a 2-years-in-a-row New Year’s Resolution goal that I was determined to keep. You see, I first began blogging in 2009 at, where I recorded precious memories of the last 6 years of our lives. I’ve know for 2 years now that I wanted a “.com”, a “real blog”, a more official piece of real estate in cyber space, and I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Why? Because I couldn’t come up with a name. Sure, I guess I could have gone with but I wanted something fresh and nothing seemed just right, or if it did, it was taken. Boo.

In the throes of my husband’s hospital stay in July of this year, it came to me… The Delk Project.

We talked it over and decided we liked it. That very moment, I looked up the domain name, the twitter name, and the instagram name, and I purchased it! was born.

You might be doing the math in your head and figuring out that between July and now (October), this is my first post and are curious about the gap. (Probably not, but I’ll tell you anyway!) Well, I’ve been wrestling over what to do with my first blog, and while I thought I wanted to port the whole thing over, I realized that there areĀ far too many sentimental memories associated with that blog to touch it, so while it might be cumbersome for you to hop over there and read things, should I need to reference them, I couldn’t touch it. I needed to leave that piece of my heart and my memories parked right there, right where they belong.

So, here we are, with my first (but not first ever) blog post. I can’t wait to share all the many projects in my life, and the project that is my life, with each one of you. So welcome, friends, welcome to The Delk Project.

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